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i had to sew a bleeding wound today... my poor duvet... it has been bleeding down because tiffany tore a hole in it. she likes to play with the bedding when i change the sheets, and when i pulled it gently from under her, she released her claws enough to tear a hole. that was maybe a year ago... and i get to it now because something about this apartment makes me crazy about dust. somehow i could cope in an older apartment but i find myself sweeping every day here. maybe because the floors are darker. 

the storm was not as bad as it was sounding on the news. i hope others can say the same, those outside of the city. i found out all my classes would be done online when i got to school and then when i got home i slept through all of them. i think i will watch them tomorrow or perhaps friday morning, if i wake early enough. i could listen to the spoken lecture during my commute. i will obviously have to give my asl lesson my undivided attention!

my asl class is the one i am a little worried about. i learned this school year that i am not as good at learning gestural languages as i am at learning spoken languages, but that is ok. i really cherish what i have learned so far and i am doing my best to practice practice practice. if i get a poor grade for this class i really don't mind. i know i learned a lot and i will keep practicing at my own pace when the semester is over.

i played some guitar and made sweet potato curry for dinner. i just collected some blinkies for my profile. i will go to sleep very soon, after watching an episode of the crown, i think.

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