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what's your favorite movie and why, wanna find something good to watch :)

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watch The Truman Show and Everything Everywhere All At Once both are really good and mindfucky i cant describe them any other way

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i've actually seen both! extremely great movies

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the Madagascar franchise. its just really goofy and i like the geometric character designs.
I prob also have nostalgia attached to them so this could be biased.
since it's really popular you prob already seen it lol

the witches (1990): i watched as a child and it scared me but omg it was so good, its like eery

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Madagascar is insanely good, the first two movies, the video game and the spin off penguins show all honestly are some of my favorite things as a kid and i've never heard of the witches but i'll have to check it out !!

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The Spongebob Squarepants Movie without a doubt, it's stupid funny to me and every time I go back and rewatch it I notice a detail I didn't before

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such a good choice, i used to watch that movie all the time

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i like Entergalactic, amazing movie definitely worth a watch

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cool!! ill check it out thank you! :)

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