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rollers :3

sooo I went rollerskating today! This is the second time I've been this week. Both times, I listened to Avril Lavigne while I was doing it :3 on Monday I listened to the album "Let Go" and today I listened "Under my Skin".

I think her music is the best music to listen to while roller-skating! It gives me a lot of energy. When My Happy Ending came on I was like "EVERYONE SHUT UP THIS IS MY SONG" and I went crazy and started to go super fast lmaoo. However, when sad songs play, I tend to go slower, that's good because I can rest a little too. :)

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✩∼ oyasu

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i once went ice skating and i always fell :))))))

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skating is so fun!! :3 i can't do it as much nowadays but when i was younger i used to go like every week, i sucked at it but it was so fun hehe

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I know right, it feels like flying!!

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