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No Turning Back

There comes a time in one’s life where the realization occurs: “This is not how life was meant to be.”

I have come across this thought in my head multiple times as of late. In the wee hours of the night, or in early mornings on my way to work, I feel a tinge in my stomach. It lingers there. That feeling: I am not who I was meant to become. My purpose is off course. I am not on the right path.

Something. Is. Off.

And I have arrived to the conclusion that my time to rebel and change has come. It is time. I am ready. I have always wanted a life that is unconventional, off the beaten path, unique, and special to me. So if you care to join, I will be documenting my journey from where I am now through where I will be in the coming years. My goal is to travel all over the world, see everything there is to see, meet all kinds of people, explore all kinds of cultures, and immerse myself deep into the belly of what makes us human.

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These are the places you will find me embarking upon my journey. I hope you join me for the ride. It will be mixed content at first, but I believe over time it will become travel, explore, adventure, and haunted/abandoned videos. I do not currently have the means to explore just anywhere yet, so that will have to come with any successes accrued from this journey. If you are here for this, welcome aboard. I am glad you are here.

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