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ughgghhg miscellaniousdfs??

tbh idc like what kind of style someone has like id totally be friends with them as long as theyre like coooolll the thing is that i never interact with anyone outside of my little social circle (ppl should just come up to me cuz im too nervy to talk first <3)

my friend jasper is so cool and wickedd hes on spacehey. i love him hes just the best and nicest and always has the best opinions and he just has the best personality ever and is never wrong about anything everrr. he reminds me that like were all just humans and humans make mistakes

can we normalize using periods or like punctuation marks again? like sometimes it feels too formal. but idk sometimes its just necessary, yk?

i bought a tonn of stuff off depop and an adorbs skelanimal t shirt from hot topic and its supposed to come on the 30th so i cant waitttt!

im like freshly cis-het again (like i used to b ftm trans) and like sometimes it feels like things i do feel masculine so im like trying to fix it like the way i sit and the way i dress which might sound silly like im giving simple things a gender role like "ooo if u do this then its girly!!" noooo not at all this is just abt me cuz like idk its weird to explain but yk point is im just trying to stop doing the things i did when i went by he/him

i love deftones sm i want to lay on the grass w my crush at like 9pm and stare at the stars together while be quiet and drive is playing ughghghghhhh

i dont rlly work with my bff anymoreee ugh he just switched his hours today and my manager already took me off of fridays which i dont know if its permanent yet (i worked fridays with my bff and i think they took me off fridays & me and my friend think its bcuz we were being too close one day and then like my manager had a talk with me the next day and was like ?? thats sexual harassment. dont do that. ???? WHAT im not insane right like thats wack. literally the most we did was like hug, so whattt? ugh its so dumb cuz my coworker said she and another coworker have literally done worse and didnt get caught so like thats stupid 

ugh thats just been stuck on my mind for a bit 

that was literally the first day we worked together so that was sad 

i think we only worked together for 2 days total blahh

i wanna redecorate my roommm but its difficult when i hardly have any spaceeeeeeee

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