party hard (not rlly)

hello!! hru all ?? its been not so long rlly, considering the time it took for me to post my last blog... but well 2 weekz is ztill a hella long time specially when we r on the internet where everything is happening everywhere all the time soo >_< yepp!!!

i just wanted to talk abt yesterday bc it waz sososo fun!! i was at my cousins birthday and at first i was kinda shy and wanted to stay in her room w mah laptop and headphones on max so i would not b so overwhelmed, but then i put a lil teeny tiny bit of thought into it and i waz liek 

"hmmm... :// datz kinda unfair 2 her cuz liek its her bday n all *^*"

so i got out of the room to sing happy bday even if i got a bit overstimulated w all the lights and noise. and also got food, even tho i waz a bit scared bc of the amount of ppl dat were there (and some of them knew meh or EVEN WORSE, sum of them were mah older cousin´s frienz!! ;((  )

but then we started to talk and everyone went 2 da livin room to play with da ps4 and we played sooo may fun gamez!! liek mk 11, that one where ur a floppy lil guy and u hav 2 fight other floppy lil guys (i forgor da naem sorry ://)  and rocket league while listenin to music and havin a mini mortal kombat tournament!! it was so much fun and i felt real good, honestly it helped me put mah head in da right place and realize i will not instantly unintentionally hurt ppl when i first know them if i try hard enough :) anywayz! i zlept there bc it got real late and my aunt sugested we´d perm my hair the next day! so i took a quick shower, played sum more rocket league and passed out on the couch while watching sum nexpo :)

earlier 2day we perm´d mah hair and it looks so good! ill maybe post sumthing later next week after i re-dye it bc it went from red to ORANGE so it looks kinda whaky lol XD

I love my aunt so much and shes so caring and honestly i feel safer w her than w my mother, but i hope ill fix diz soon and ill feel good with any of them. After we finished w mah hair my mom came 2 get meh and we went 2 mah new school (terrifying rlly but ill try sumthing different dis year :P) and signed da paper that sayz i can b called by mah social naem instead of mah deadname so i waz v happy even if i was VERY anxious,, :> and them we went home, had lunch n i had the hardezt zleep evr lul?? like drooling and waking up sweaty to a ear print on my arm hard lul

then i washed da dishes w my parentz n took a shower, n now im here writin diz! tysm 4 readin all dat! see u next tiem

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richie/nikolai ψ(`∇´)ψ

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ohh that sounds like so much fun!! i think the game you were thinking about was fall guys? could be wrong though

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nope, it wasnt!! we had fall guys tho, it just was another game :D