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This is my online diary. I'm going to treating like I did MySpace & Xanga. Type like nobody is reading, be vague about personal stuff in case they are (and cos I feel as if it lends a romantic air to things when they become "my city", "my home town" etc rather than naming them). 

The way this isn't like MySpace and Xanga - or maybe it is for gen xers/boomers but just not for me - is now I have nostalgia. Always did have some but heck... I'm not a teen anymore so I can write about the 90s with more distance & the 00s with distance.

This blog will be at once anonymous (the vagueness) and at the same time, personal. My ideal is for it to be that mix of ideas & concrete senses which MySpace was for me. Social media lost that for me along the way & I want to get it back!

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