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about me!<3

about me!

hi!! i am dew (i also go by idle on other platforms!)

im 18, a nonbinary lesbian, libra (11th oct), infp-t 6w5


im an artist (mainly digital but i occasionally paint, usually only for classwork nowadays though) and currently a college student studying visual communications!

i play lots of games, the games i play the most vary from month to month but some multiplayer games i play/have played are ow2, genshin, val, league, stardew valley, and more! im a p casual player and not the best at competitive games

my interests change a lot depending on what media im currently super into but some major ones for me are moomins, stardew valley, arcane, howls moving castle (movie and book!), eve, sky cotl, studio ghibli films, older barbie movies, art in general, reading manga (rom coms, wlw, that specific genre of isekai where a girl is the main lead and its always fantasy/historial) 

i love pink things, rabbits, love/heart themed things !! 

basic dni (homophobic, racist, ableist, ect) but i also block p freely !! 

i love making new friends but im p shy so i dont interact first aside from sending friend reqs but my dms are always open !! <3

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