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a smidge more about me!


so, i'm a 16 year old native american and white artist from jersey (yeah i'm walkin' 'ere!!!) oh! and i'm nbylm! i like guys!

i am mentally ill, but i'm not that comfortable with the specifics, but just know i'm quite depressed and i am psychotic...but don't let that deter u from being a friend!!! oh also i am autistic, like real autistic!

some more of my interests are: off (the game), law of talos, horror, cats, paleontology/dinosaurs/ancient stuff, birds, languages. i think that's all but i am forgetful...i also think i do like sleeping a lot!

i like making new friends but sometimes i get real nervous when i meet someone new, but i'll do my best to respond and keep conversations going! umm...i think that is all!! don't hesitate to friend me!

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