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MACINTOSH PLUS - リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー :The definitive intro to Vaporelectronic music

MACINTOSH PLUS - リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー 

Many, many years ago at this point, my little 15 year old soul was subjected to a meme, at the time. If you remember A E S T H E T I C memes and the irony of "silly old slowed down music", then you receive the same veterans discount as me.
But the memes sometimes pass their ironic state in culture and take on a new life of their own, one of genuine fascination and strong feelings. With this particular song (and album for that matter), a new genre was born. Vaporwave.

I remember hearing it for the first time and thinking it was a genuine piece of music, unedited and straight from 1987. It gave me those feelings of nostalgia for a time I wasn't even alive, anemoia, as it's called. My interests had overlapped, I adored old computers and late 80's, early 90's technology, so, a piece of music that felt like that time was right up my alley.

And maybe it'll be up yours too if you've never heard it. Definitely check it out!

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your fucking princess

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i love it

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thank you!~ i have lots more blogposts about vaporwave and it's subgenres!

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yo this was my shit In 2015

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Still straight flames, the whole album

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