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Music - Making a band (Pt.4)

So its been a little more than a month i think and i've been teaching myself guitar pretty well. i've learned how to play a Korn song (yall want a single) pretty good, i'm trying to learn more songs. i know the intro to a radiohead song (creep) and a bit of a fnaf end song (its been so long(i think)) i also know a bit of a deftones song (my own summer(shove it)) so id say im getting pretty okay, i really need to work on speed and switching my fingers around faster bc thats whats slowing me down. but im having fun while learning and i really like playing guitar.

i tink once i get more money im gonna get a new amp because i think mine could be better. and maybe ill get a bass because i think those sound really cool. and also maybe a seven (7) string eventually. 

thats all for now so ill update if anything cool happens

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