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i spent all day making my own layout only for me to kinda wanna make it black and red themed and cooler looking like other peoples on here X-X do u guys like it too orrrr

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milica <3

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i had to leave a comment of ur last entry
i strongly agree and i hate so much that my friends keep calling me emo just bcs i listen to paramore, avril and other artists/bands similar to them
like, pls stop... they even call me that bcs i wear black
i mean i have nothing against emo subculture.. it's just bothering me when they call me sumth i'm clearly not, and idk

i've tried to talk it out w them, and they understood it as me being "offended"
like what the fuck...

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ty for the based comment!! tbh i dont remember why i had comments off the other post. im glad some ppl outside the subculture understand that those bands dont make them emo :’)

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