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Thoughts from a Potts Disease Survivor

"The Potts Man"

I never Imagined I would acquire such an illness. My Life was going fine unril last 2017 I acquired an airborne disease called "Potts "Disease" or Tuberculosis of the Spine. I underwent a total of 15 Sugergies until today including complications that was caused by it. Now, I love as a PWD struggling to control and get rid of the many illnesses causes by Potts. I stayed at the hospital for a total of 3 months. Medicine at the hospital caused me thave  hallucinations only you will dream of. Out of this world manifestations of my fear that show up while I am half asleep. For now, This is where I will leave it at. Just imagine, seeing two garbage cans humping while staring at me with an evil grin amidst me feeling like I was in a room full of fire. It goes on.

- Gab

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