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How to add pictures (blinkies, stamps, gifs etc.) to the bottom of your profile!!

sooo my blinkie / stamp addiction has gotten worse, actually so bad that I made a whole new code so I could put more at the bottom of my profile...

I know its pretty simply but it actually took a lot of time and effort to make this work especially because I'm super new to css so if you use this please add me!! :))

anyway here it is!! like I said it's super simple~


main .right:after{


position: relative;

content: url(your image here) url(your image here) url(your image here);



you can add as many pictures as you want btw just keep adding more urls! also make sure not to separate them with commas or forget to close a parentheses because then it won't work. 

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Where do we put this code?

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anywhere in your about me or who id like to meet :)

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