New Sketchbook!


      So! I just bought a new sketchbook! I’m calling it  new but this will really be my first official one. These past few years (three) I’ve been using my little brothers drawing pad and doodling in random notebooks. 

     My main reason for getting a sketchbook is to have all my GOOD art in one place. But I can’t keep a book on me to only draw. Which is why I decided to still doodle in random notebooks but cut out the god art and paste it into the sketchbook. It’ll have cool backgrounds and themed pages and stuff. I won’t undercook it. 

    It’s supposedly coming in this Friday but Amazon lies so I’m not certain. ALSO!!!! I bought a Nintendo ds lite!!! Really excited for it to come it. Gonna get Pokémon. And I’ve stopped writing full sentences now and even though I wasn’t using punctuation to begin with I’m doing a run on sentence rn. And using text slang so let me stop tying lol. Anyway yeah! Can’t wait!

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