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The boiling child

My name is Louis, I am actually 45 years old, I hope no one here knows me but if you do, all i say is the truth, whatever name mentioned was not meant to insult anyone.

The page of my life.

I grew up as a street kid in LA. I had a father who was an addict. such a sad story or a bad thing to say about myself or my family but i do not really care because at the end a lot of people will learn from my story, Again my name is louis, i am that kid who never got a proper uptraining but decided in a way that i would be amongst the average class someday, nothing to brag about but here i am, doing everything smoothly more than it has ever been before, i will reserve certain details about myself so people never actually get to steal my stories and publish them, it would be nice if you check on me all the time, i would have a lot of conscious stories about my life that would motivate you every single day, though my father was an addict, he also was amongst the most very brilliant men i have met in my life time, addicted but stilled lived on quotes but not quotes that would make him stop his addiction, ha ha ha, My mother was a nurse, her name was ellen, i miss you mom. there was a day daddy came home knocked out. instead of shouting like every woman would do, she took to him, brought him to the three sitter chair in the sitting room, sat him down, went to the refrigerator, brought out a can of milk, while doing all these, she was all in a hurry, so she can calm daddy down, it is what she does everytime, she would open the milk up, turn it into a glass, take it to daddy with me standing there frozen, i would say i see daddy and freeze. lol. She would hold daddy and gently call his name so he would drink the glass of milk, he would rise up and empty the entire glass and mummy would fill up another glass for him till he has drank 3 cups of milk, i never knew how mummy got to love this man, a man who is always stoned. but life happens, love is a mystery to us all. I take a little time. See you again.

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