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Working on my engine.

I got an old 454 Big Block running again. It was sitting for about between 10 to 15 years. It runs but isn't getting fuel so hopefully it's the injectors and not the pump. Tested the injectors with a battery and the injectors are dead and the wiring isn't looking too good either. Gonna have to do a Throttle Body rebuild and throw in some new Injectors. Then hopefully all it needs after that is some fresh gas and a new filter. To test the pump I can just remove the fuel line and try to start it to see if gas shoots out of the line. if nothing it's either clogged at the filter or dead. Fun.

1990 Engine with only 74,000 miles on it. Not too bad.

Don't mind me if I'm bad at this. I don't know who would read it either honestly. Maybe it's for fun. Maybe for logging things like a Journal? or both. Eh.

TBI Wires

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