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Back again, and well…

Long time no see! It’s been over a month since I’ve last been online here and well. A lot happened.

One, I recently have been having horrible stomach pains. They started in late November and would return randomly throughout the next two months. It was not until two weeks ago where I finally begged my mom to take me to the hospital because it’d get to the pound I’d throw up and cry because it hurt so much. Eventually after many tests I was diagnosed with gallstones. And I may need them to be surgically removed from my body, and that’s most likely by removing my gallbladder completely. I get checked out this up coming Friday and hope to get the surgery as soon as I can.

Two, I unfortunately have feelings for my close friend. I’ve had on and off feelings for him for the past 4 years. It’s weird but I’m just gonna tell him and hopefully he rejects me.

And lastly. due to my unfortunate gallstone situation I’ve been put on a strict diet! Which is causing me to burn more calories than what I eat and making me lose weight so my New Year’s resolution of starting a new diet and losing weight really happened, it is so funny :,)

Other than that, that’s been my hectic first month of January. I’ll let everyone know how everything goes health wise and hope to be back soon!! Love ya <3

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