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Intro-abt me-hmu :)

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Hihi! I have been on here for a while (joined aug 4, 2022), and I just realized I have not done an intro, so here it is 

I am Ross, you can really call me anything, i do not  care

You can call me by whatever pronouns you please

Tone tags are nice (use them, I suck at social cues and such. mostly surrounding jokes)

I am very focused on school, so I might not be online that much (that’s such a lie; I am way too active on here usually)

Apparently I am an INTj 8w7 (I have been told I was miss typed but idk what to do abt that)

I listen to almost every kind of music, but I especialy love tomorrow x together, stray kids, Kai, sub urban and corpse!

I tend to talk very formally, please don’t think I am mad 


if we like similar music or other things! (more on profile page)

i can't think of shit, i am sorry

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