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art compilation!

newest to oldest!! ill only be going back to 2019. some art pieces are missing because of gore etc. just being careful

with the amount of random hiatus's id take, stress and school + trauma that happened in between, my skill is not really where i would like it to be. art from most of 2021 and all of 2022/2023 i like/am proud of. the piece im most proud of is one i am unsure i can show because of the gore though 💀

i plan to practice way more when i graduate, so bare with me!


teen/faraway aubreyyoung/dream world aubreyghost mari
unfinished comic semi-scrapped ideabirthday gift for a (now ex)friendoc artoc artschool art.. did for class
noelle deltaruneoc artbday gift for my little omori friend groupoc ship artbirthday gift for a (now ex)friendbirthday gift for a (now ex)friendsunny omorioc artmeme doodle ft sally faceme irl doodleoc art from a now deleted comic.
sally face vent artanimation test to cheer up friend irlstar tear trend oc artdanganronpa fanart...dare art :sob:blink animation testoc artoc ref sheetoc ref sheetoc ref sheetsally face dtiys
oc art/testoc artoc artoc animation/lip sync testvent artvent animationcollab part, it never got finished :/oc artoc artoc artoc artoc artoc art

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