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One day i'll learn

I actually really want to know how to make my profile look really cool but idk how to do the coding for it tbh. I use to take a computer class in jr high, but i didn't learn shit in that class (Ngl, teacher kinda sucked). 

tbh I also wish spacehey was set up a bit more like Myspace was in the sense that you can scroll on someone's page and see photos and posts, I guess kinda like how Facebook is but with spacehey, I think it would be cool to have it more like old Myspace without being Myspace (I'm sure there'd be a lot of Copywrite issues if they did it that way though)

well, I should be doing my math work since its due before midnight tonight


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go to the layouts page,, choose smth you like, put it in your about me. u can customize and look up what each tag means from there. my theme/layout is the kikuo one, just highly customized.

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