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About Me and Drawings~ ♥

~Some things about me~

You can call me Ayumi

It's my second name actually (my first name will remain a mystery ~jk)

Any pronouns are okay

I live and born in Brazil, i'm mixed with Japanese, Spanish and Italian

Most of my culture is Brazilian, like 65% and 35% Japanese (Bcuz of my Japanese family)

I speak Portuguese (In Brazil we speak portuguese not spanish!) 

English intermediary (I understand very easily but talk it's hard for me yet)

Spanish i just understand a bit but don't talk

Study graphic design 
I've worked in jewelry sales and as an illustrator/designer

My zodiac sign is Cancer (Sun and rising) Moon is Taurus

My hair is Black and my eyes is Black, and i have freckles

My height is 1,60cm

I use glasses only to use computer, phone and other electronics

I consider myself a multi-tasker, i'm always doing more than one thing
 I'll always be listening to music, always, no matter where, what, when, always listening

My music taste is very eclectic

I have 6 very cute cats, my cats are very loving and love affection (SO MUCH, LIKE HELP ME, MY CAT CLIMBS ON ME ALL THE TIME ASKING FOR HUGS AND KISSES ON FOREHEAD)

I have a guitar but i'm still learning

My relathionship with my parents is very good

Pink and Black it's my favorite color (You can tell lol~)

I don't smoke or drink (I tried it and didn't get any pleasure from it lolol)

I like to make new friends

I don't care about love relathionship (I have a boyfriend already and he's my best friend too)

I love disassembling a computer and assembling it, changing parts, clipping cables, but i don't do it so much because in Brazil it's not cheap to have a computer ( T~T )  (I learned all from my daddy, friends and youtube lolololol)

I have a group of friends and we call ourselves "Clube dos Otários" = Loser's Club (most of the time we are playing together)

My friends usually call me cold hearted and mischief but also compassionate and altruistic (But they speak more badly of course lololololol)

I used to stream and i intend to come back :)

I like to draw but lately i'm in a strong art block

I love games, i've playing since i got consciousness

My favorite game in all my life is World of Warcraft for sure (I grew up playing this, since i was like 6 years lolololol)

I'm a night elf, death knight  B)

 I love RPGs, and if i can be a necromancer in every game i'm being a necromancer (or something similar)

My favorite genre games are RPG, Simulation, Hack-And-Slash, Horror and FPS

 I'm on this site with the intention of improving my english and meeting people and getting to know cultures

I like to make it clear that i'm a virgin and i don't care about sex

My favorite music of all the time is Home - Daughter

My favorite band is Mystery Skulls, Muse, Green Day and Glass Animals

(I'm not obsessed with they life and that stuff, i just like the music, and that's okay)

I don't like energy drinks and coffee because they make me sleepy

I have a lot of original characters (LIKE A LOT, REALLY)

And now i will show some of my drawings

Victor Chainsaw

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Wow, what an amazing artist!

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Aww thank you so muchh!!! :))

by ♥ Gika~Ayumi ♥; ; Report


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Seus desenhos são os mais lindos do mundo s2

Your drawings are the most beautiful in the world s2

Tus dibujos son los mas bonitos del mundo s2

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by ♥ Gika~Ayumi ♥; ; Report