how to get older versions of winamp?

i wanna use the silly skins 4 it :)

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Alveus Nosville

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Classic skins work for any version of winamp that support them, you can find the last good version by simply googling Winamp 5.666.
A bunch of other players added support for them too.
Personaly I recomend just getting WACUP instead of Winamp. It's made by winamp's old dev, who respects it's legacy. Thus it's in my opinion better than current cash-grab of a version AND it supports modern skins in addition to classic ones, which no one else wants to bother with.
I'll be real I made a whole blog post about why WACUP and not Winamp, but if it's just the classic skins you're after you've got options for days, without giving in to crypto greed and mishandling of legacy.

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I downloaded the latest version from their website and I don't have any problems with old skins, I think that they work on every version.

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ohhh okay!! thx

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Newest version has a lot of features missong thanks to the new team "cleaning the code up" for adding support fpor NFTs

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truthfully same but I think most of the cool old skins are for really low resolution monitors. I mean the old skins work but they are super super small

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ahhh i think i know what u mean

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