Really cool nostalgia YT channel

hey guyz!! i wanted 2 share this rly cool youtube channel i found. Dream Jelly makes vids about 2000s/early 2010s nostalgia and they go really in-depth abt the details of the video topic. they're sort of like video essays but the subjects are all nostalgic topics which i find rly interesting ^^

i found them thru their vid on school cafeteria lunches, and they explain a lot of the problems with the american public school cafeteria system while also talking abt how much they enjoyed the classic school lunch dishes of their childhood. very informative while also keeping it light hearted :)

Are School Lunches Really That Bad?

i want to watch their vid on Claire's as soon as im done w classes for the day lolz. can't wait to see what their next vid is gonna be!!

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Memories by Wayne

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If you are interested, check out Food Theory's video on school lunches:

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