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1 love Bond girls, they're so cool. Like, can 1 just talk about how amazing Tilly is!?  
1 love her so mvch she makes m3 so happy :,-(
1 wish they didn't kill her off so soon. She had like, amazing potental as a super super cool character!!!
 Also! 1 have the Barbie doll of Pussy Galore!!!! She's really really really cool. 1 died when 1 found her online.
She's so gorgeous. 1 hope 1 find the one of Honey one day :-). AND ISN'T THERE A KEN AS JAMES!?!?
1 need him. That would be so cool. Speaking of my love for Bond girls though, 1 don't like Solitaire.
Every time she came on screen 1 wanted to run around screaming. She's so boring!!!! Every scene with her was a bore.
 1 wish Rosie was a bigger, better character. 1 liked her a lot :-( 1 just wish they made her hold her own a little more, but beggars can't bee choosers :-P 

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man i read this as blond girls and i thought u were just declaring ur love for blond girls

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