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i really want to paint at beautiful places. like,, i miss being inspired, the places i usually go to are just not hitting the spot.. i want 2 travel sm and explore cities n towns and then leave whenever i wish. i rlly need a job so i can save 4 a car :,( the sex shop is hiring and i applied. fam says i dont have the personality to do that but i can handle weirdos lmfao (i think) i just dont wanna be followed home tho i do struggle w paranoia and wonder if it would be hightened.. probably. florida weirdos are a different breed 

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any specific cities you want to go to? I'd like to do the same when I travel to make art of the places I visit.

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omg i would LOVE to go back home to colorado, its been too long also really want to visit the desert one day,, Egypt yes lordt!!! and Europe. Saint augustine florida is an incredible city to explore, i do really love that town. also Nashville, and Utah and Seattle omg yes PLEASE. Also Bar Harbor Maine is a magical little town, theres Soooo much to do on that lil island so much nature and hiking, Maine is actually such a hidden gem n so underrated. Wbu?? ⭐️

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Great picks! I've heard Utah has an especially interesting natural landscape. I want to go to the usual cities/countries like tokyo, paris, rome but I'd like to visit morroco, Singapore, Dubai, New Delhi I also want to visit Nepal! But I'd also like to explore my home countries of Australia and New Zealand more!

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