Why was Blackpink so lazy and unsynchronized at their world tour last year🤷

Blackpink last year was so lazy at their concerts and underdelivered. To start off the album and the  world tour felt rushed, the songs went down in quality and pale in comparison to "The Album", Pink venom used so many samples  from other songs and was very confusing and contradicting  while "Shut Down" felt very monotone and underwhelming while most of the side tracks were horrible, "Ready for Love" was the only redeeming part of the album in my opinion. 

On to point 2: The way the stages were set up while the lighting was bad, Idk if it's just me or did the stage look tacky and cheap while the lighting made it hard to see Blackpink themselves. They also weren't as flashy or polished as other groups stages.

Point 3: The outfits were horrible 🤮. The outfits were mismatched and didn't look similiar and they were very questionable. Even though BP's outfits are mismatched atleast they always fit the concept or had a very similiar theme. 

Point 4: the Back-up dancers ate and left no crumbs while BP themselves underdelivered. That clip of BP when they forgot  the choreo and just standing there while the back-up dancer was performing like rent was due was so funny to me and I died laughing, but in reality it's sad since the Back-up dancers should never be able to out perform the Main performers:/.

( This is all my opinion so please respect mine, and have a wonderful day 🧸)

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