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Kinda sad that you can add only one link of every social

Like I have few art accounts and I want to list them all, but I have to choose one gkjhb T^T

Ig I will just do a carrd and add here later

Anyways HI PEOPLE I already love this site a lottt!! I don't fully understand how it works yet but it's already epic!!

I hope blog entries are what I think it is and not some kind of important thing and will be seen only on my profile loll

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Inspector Lee

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You can code additional links, for example, in your "About me:" or "Who I'd like to meet:" sections.

(I believe you could code them in the "Music" section as well.)

Just code them as 'a href' entries.

To distinguish the links, you can code a text line above them, like "My Music Links"

See my profile's "Who I'd like to meet:" section for examples.

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Adding more than one link per platform is on my to-do list! Stay tuned :)

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