Introduction <3

Realised I didn't make an intro post yet so uh. voila!

Hihihi! My name is Steph / Erik (either or, i don't mind :P), I'm 18, from the UK (southwest england, feel free to hmu!). I'm autistic, and I use they/it/he pronouns! :) 

On here for funzies mainly, but I could do with more friends! I love manga/reading, drawing, writing, and so many other things. I'm also currently getting into gyaru fashion/culture! 

My favourite character evahhh is Shuu Tsukiyama, I absolutely love him and I am always down to totally swoon over him! Please feel free to drop me a message abt him lolol (or anything Tokyo Ghoul tbh)

Currently working on a weird tokyo ghoul fanfiction with lots of OCs. So ask about my OCs! (that's an order!!! /hj)

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