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considering hacking my 3ds

..when i get it back. i sent it to get the screen repaired but it hasn’t come back yet. does anyone have any tips..?? i’m a bit afraid of like..destroying my 3ds (and i’m afraid of just .. the free games part. it sounds cool because getting ds games rn is super expensive and i will do anything for free games but it might be dangerous)

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It's really not as bad as people make it out to be
I suggest making sure you have a pc/laptop with a SD card slot, having winrar/7zip, making a backup folder for your files, and being extra safe with rom sites (have adblock, dont download .exes, the basics)
If you need a good spot for Ds and 3Ds games, check out Vimms Lair, Ziperto, and Hshop
I did mine a good 4 years ago and it's been totally fine, been able to get classic ds games and even newer titles :)

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