I be so bored ong

How’s y’all’s days/nights/afternoons been because mine boring rn. I don’t got much to do but I’ve been chilling out. The past few days have been so much fun but school always gotta ruin it. Monday was alright, hopefully Tuesday ain’t a mood killer. I know Wednesday I got PE so we’ll probably finish the football unit by this week and get into something else. Aside from all that, I been chilling really. 

My family just been mad annoying recently right when I get all happy with my special someone and shit, they just start getting pissy. They got all these issues and all these problems and they just proceed to drop them on my head like I’m supposed to solve them. Then they shit talk me to and when I expose them for their stupidity and ignorance, they call me out and try to contact every family member possible to tell them what I said regardless of shit talking the family members before this call. It’s crazy how manipulative and selfish some people can be. But I get by.

As for my last thing to say. I got hacked on Dragon Ball Legends so I gots to start over which really ain’t that bad but it also kinda is mood killing. Everything is just going bad for me rn, but I’m staying up high, not letting it affect me. You should try it VAL; because I know you’re reading this.

Anyway Love y’all, stay safe !

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