silly ahh schools and their silly ahh spirit week

BRO I LOSE 10 YEARS OF MY LIFE WHEN SCHOOLS BE DOING THAT WEIRD ASS SPIRIT WEEK SHIT. I used to participate in it as well.... LOOK OK I WANTED TO BE SPECIAL LEAVE ME ALONE. AND I WAS SPECIAL SO WHATEVER. but anyways my school is doing that dumb goofy shit and aint none of it interesting, but then one of the days said "be your fav character" and I had a stupid idea to COSPLAY, omfg. i'm not gonna do it but im js saying I COULD. LIKEE BUT WHAT IF I DID. UGHHH OMGOGMG. I'd probs do chiaki cuz ya'll already knowww miss chiaki nanami aka THAT gamer girl be coming in clutch. BUT LIKE IDK HELP. ALSO WTF THERES A PROM SOON, WHY TF IS WE HAVIN PROM IN MIDDLE SCHOOL?????? I'm not going to that shit, well If I do I'm dragging the homies aka the bestfriends aka the bitches with me.


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Next time that happens at my school I’m pulling up to school as Michael Jackson, Jimmy Donald’s or maybe some fictional character that I certainly enjoy.

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I’m doing it though ong.

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