Am I in an Unhealthy friendship?

Just a bit disclaimer: My 'Friend' isn't toxic, abusive, a creep, and any other stuff. And I don't want to reveal his user or his name (idek his real name) also sorry for my bad grammar but I hope you understand this..

But's here's the thing, our friendship wasn't really that interesting, we only talk at discord and for some reason I have no connection to him, He seem nice but he's really boring, Whenever I say "You wanna ask something" or "You wanna ask questions" he always said "Nah I'm good", 

but the reason why I keep saying this to him so that I would try to connect with him so that I would get his interests, He never shared anything interesting, and that's why I don't wanna be friends with him, But at the same time I should be staying friends with him cuz

I always think he's lonely nor he doesn't have any friends. I haven't been honest with him about it But I don't wanna be rude to him and I was afraid that I will hurt his feelings, so I guess we're staying friends like this?

 So I realize on I was in unhealthy friendship. Yet again I did want to be rude or hurt his feelings... Should I confess about it or maybe not? Just let me know..

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Doesn't sound like an unhealthy friendship. If anything it simply sounds like an acquaintance. It's likely he's just not interested in making new friends or being close to anyone. Not that he dislikes you or anything, he might just feel like there's no reason to be your friend or has any desire to be.

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