1/23/23 - gushing abt a ffxv fic i finished today

this fic right here by carolyncaves 

omg i just want to gush about it endlessly. i started this fic yesterday and binge read the rest of it earlier today for a few hours. this is SUCH a fic. and even if you dont even know anything ffxv i feel like its already such a good standalone thing, this author writes so beautifully and captures such raw human emotion... its insane fr....

i saw fanart for what i thought was this fic but its actually for poor wayfaring stranger, another super popular mt prompto fic with like 10k kudos GODAAMNDNSNSFD . im gonna start that fic soon as well and im NOT READY its going to ruin me i already know it. i love fics so much i need to kiss these peoples brains. 

more awesome fanart for warmth. prompto feeling the sun on his skin for the first time ... i loved that scene SO MUCH . there are so many scenes in this fic that moved me and this was one of them. it was such a lovely moment... this prompto deserves the WORLD. i love how fate just brought them all together !!! sdhfosdhfusdisdf 

i adore this fic. its so good. even the painful parts are so beautiful. prompto is alive and human.. sobs hysterically

ITS JUST SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WRITE SO BEAUTIFULLY. no other words like this is just the best fic ive ever read w my own two eyes

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oh god... i read halfway through poor wayfaring stranger and BOY.. i spent like 2 days straight reading it but... it's so long!! prepare yourself... the half that i read is so good!! just.. beyond words. i dont think i can take anymore fics like this!!!! ALSO the fanart for PWS... i love it sm, i love that artstyle! looking at the fanart on tumblr got me interested in the first place, especially that art :] good luck on your reading travels!!! try not to cry too much! ;-;

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OHHHH MY GODDDDD. I GOT TO CHAPTER 10 TODAY AND . THIS FIC IS ACTUALLY UNREAL. The way they write from Prompto's POV is so so so heartbreaking but just so WELL DONE .... he's so so small he doesn't understand anything he deserves to stare at the sky ALL DAY AND BE SO SO SO HAPPY. ITS SOO GOOD I CAN ONLY IMAGINE HOW CRAZY ITS GONNA GET JUST AT THE HALFWAY MARK ALONE.... i cant believe iTS STILL NOT DONE AFTER ALL THIS TIME TOO i am soo curious and #terrified . What could happen... what could happen...

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IKR I FEEL BAD FOR HIM EVERY SECOND I JUST WANT HIM TO BE HAPPY... AND... i SHOULD read warmth I'll probably like it...Just have to get the tissues ready !!!

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