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A - Z About Me!

A. Age: 24

B. Best Friend:- she aint on here <3 

C. Currently: LIVIN.

D. Drink/smoke: Drink more than I should, disgusting chain smoker. 

E. Eye Color: Brown

F. Fears: Chainsaws, large / deeps bodies of water with wildlife in them, heights, men in dark streets. 

G. Games: The Last of Us, The Evil Within, Overwatch, COD, Phasmophobia, Breath of the Wild, Jak and Daxter, Serious Sam, Gears of War, God of War. 

H. Height: 5'8

I. Instagram: @ alluhsunfaye

J. Job: Nun'ya

K. Kids or no: In this economy? 

L. Least Favorite Color: Blue

M. Movie(s) You Love: Queen of the Damned, Midsommar, Across the Universe. 

N. Nicknames: Al.

O. One Wish: To have a farm with a bunch of pets I adopted that are either seniors or on the kill list.

P. Pets: I got me three dogs, a cat, and two rats. Dogs: Lord Cocaine, Seymour Peter and Hughbert Cumberdale. Cat: Missy Mei. Rats: Beef and Tobin. 

Q. Quote You Love: - "When you dont do your best you are denying yourself the right to be you" 

R. Relationship Status: - Married =) 

S. Siblings: Older sister. 

T. Time You Woke Up: idk whenever I feel. 

U. Unknown Fact About You: Im pretty open, and overshare so there isnt anything I havent said out loud but..  the feeling of fabric rubbing against teeth makes my mouth go numb

W. Worst Habit: Not realizing that what I say can hurt peoples feelings until after Ive said it. 

X. X-tra Fact About You: I love chihuahus and have a photo album on my phone of over 200+ reaction photos for every circumstance 

Y. YouTuber You Love: uh.. Polyphia? 

Z. Zodiac Sign: Gemini sun, Gemini moon, Libra rising.

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