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dear dumb fukin diary

im tired but dont like to sleep XP so heres a lil blog


i get to see my aromate ( ) on wednesday and im so excited, we're gonna play sum mc together and im making us pride flags out of banners (which i luv to do in my spare time!!) :] we're gonna built a house together and faes gonna build the base and i get to do the interior decoration and its gonna be fukin lit

also two of my frens are going on a date and im so excited!! theyre both so kewl and i hope it works out for them :D

on top of that shii i got my braces changed today so they finally match my hair again! i feel rly hawt and i love neon braces

my new bracez my new bracez

i missed most of school getting them XD but i dont rly mind! it hasnt been the same since my aromate left...

um i dont rly have anything else to say for now!!


X0X0 TW1G (///v^)

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