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small life update (24 jan)

hello hello! :3

i just wanted to make a quick update about what's happening in my life right now, because i've been kind of inactive for these past few days D:

so today is my 2 month anniversary with my boyfriend! and i'm just so happy to be with him, he makes my life so much more worth living and just inspires me to do better. he's an amazing human being and i can't even thank him enough for being with me <3

ok enough lovemail lol. btw we're meeting soon! so excited for that.

on a completely different note, my finals for this quadrimestre are approaching rapidly and i'm kind of scared; i know i have everything it takes to get a good grade but i have to study a lot for it! i want to get over with it as soon as possible.

and more updates on my html / css journey! i got sudden inspiration to make my own website and this is what i have so far!


it looks so cute imo. i wanna add so much more stuff but coding websites is so much more harder and tiring than expected T_T


do you guys like my vscode theme? i like to customize every software i have lol :3

and i think that's it for today! i think i did good on my first ever 'real' blog entry. i'm just making stuff up as i go; and i do this purely for myself, but i have lots of fun writing this kinda stuff. hope that anyone who reads this feels the same way :s

bye-bye! until my next entry hehehe <3

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