Never getting better

I’m always so upset that I don’t have a gf but I’ve never done anything that makes me worth loving and I’m miserable to be around (case in point this blog entry) I can’t control when I explode and get upset at people even though they didn’t do anything im fucking unstable and everyone is afraid of me and they should be i don’t even know what to do atp therapy doesn’t do anything and my friends just pretend they don’t see me doing this every day I’ll never get better and no one will ever love me for their own safety 

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i understand feeling like therapy doesnt help. but it takes a lot longer than people make it seem and a lot longer than you went to therapy for. and sometimes you have to find a new therapist and keep looking until you find someone you can resonate with that will actually help you. and i know it sucks and it should be easier, and i know you probably wont believe me. even if you wont go back to therapy, theres things you can do to help yourself online, like coping mechanisms you can learn and find new ways to manage your emotions and how you feel. i know it sounds like a bunch of stupid bullshit because ive felt that way before too. but i know you ethan and you arent evil. you arent unfixable. it just takes time and effort. maybe i cant convince you myself, it might just be something you have to learn and figure out on your own, but please think about what i said and i love you /p

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