rating every mtn dew flavor ive tried

this idea is basically stolen by https://spacehey.com/interdimensional where they rated monster flavors
normal: 8/10. nice flavor but gets gross if you drink it too much
throwback: 9/10 basically just mtn dew but better
code red: 9/10 its very good but theres better flavors
voltage: 10/10 literally just the best
livewire: 8/10 couldnt taste the (i think) orange
baja blast: 9/10 i like lime a lot
baja gold: 5/10 i dont like pineapple so i can barely finish a can of it :(
major melon: 6/10 i really wanna like this one.
spark: 3/10 its nice for the first 2 sips but then it just has this HORRIBLE taste that i cant describe
diet: 6/10 tastes like a whole different soda, but not in a good way
zero sugar: 9/10 tastes the exact same as the normal one??? it also makes me feel better after
both kickstarts that ive tried (grape n fruit punch) 4/10, just watered down versions of others
orange breeze (mtn dew energy): 9/10
i dont feel like doing the other energies but theyre usually 8-10s

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