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does it make you transphobic if you dont want to do it with a trans women

me and my brother was having this discussion if not having sex with a trans women makes you trans-phobic. I said no because you didn't know that she had a dick but my brother kept saying yes because she identified as a women and you could just go in the butt. i don't get his logic what is your oppinion   

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Hey, late reply but as others said, it’s totally normal not to want to date a trans woman if you’re straight. As long as it’s respectful, and you still perceive them as their gender, then it’s not mean or transphobia. It’s like saying you don’t particularly want to date someone who’s, idk, blind or has certain handicaps. There are just some things that you may want in a relationship that they can’t provide. Immediate children or sexual gratification are two good examples.
Again, so long as you do see them as, treat, and call them a woman or whatever their gender is, it isn’t transphobia.

There are some transgender people who are skoliosexual, or T4T, which means that they are only attracted to people who are transgender or under the transgender umbrella. It’s like calling them “cisphobic” for that, it’s silly. All in all, just let people like what and who they like and be respectful to one another. :-)

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imo it’s the same as having any other appearance-based preference. I wouldn’t want to do it with a girl who’s high-femme, that doesn’t mean I hate women who look like that. as long as your preferences aren’t rooted in hatred or fetishization you’re good.
Are trans women women? Do they deserve rights to bodily autonomy and do they deserve to be treated the same as cis women? if you answered yes then you ain’t transphobic.

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As a trans person, no it isn't transphobic. Have your preferences, as long as it doesn't change the way you respect and treat trans people as a whole you're good lol.
Plenty of cis straight guys are cool with it, some trans women have bottom surgery, it's all valid. Basically just be a decent person lol, obviously you can say no to sex for whatever reason you want^^

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thank you

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