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HJAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hi.

today wasnt very interesting

but in art we had to make portfolios and then like mske a circle with our namae in it but we can make a design yeayeyaeyayea i was gonna make mine boring but at the last minute i got the idea to make it based off of the misadventures album cover so basically im drawing the misadventures album cover in the circle but besdies it saying "pierce the veil" it says my name 😎 i a m proud of myseof for coming up with this. idk what im gonna do for outside the circle t hough.......... anywy now i have to go write an essay for english ..... i currently have an f in one of my clssses and im so scared bc at my school if we have a D or F we get saturdya school I DONT WANT SATURDAY SCHOOL

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