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⊹  a few things to keep in mind when friending me 

⊹ i'm 23! please follow me only if you're comfortable with following people 18+!

(it might be confusing, but i've seen people limit who they interact with, which is okay!)

⊹ that said, i do plan on keeping my page sfw to be able to accommodate people of all ages

⊹ i am latina (eng + spn) as well as bi + demi

⊹ i struggle with social anxiety and might not be the best at conversing, but i will do my absolute best to be someone you can trust!

⊹ i will not engage in or support drama in any way; it is 100% a waste of my time

⊹ please dni if you are problematic, racist, sexist, homophobic, or if you meet any other "basic" dni criteria

⊹ feel free to block me if for any reason you feel it's best for you

⊹ lastly, i want my page to be a safe space for all my friends! if you message me or reach out to me i will do my best to respond/interact with you! i support lgbtq+, poc, women, people with disabilities and just anyone struggling mentally!

⊹  remember to drink water and take care of yourself!  



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