Wasting MONEY

Like a month ago I bought a used IPod Video (5.5 gen) and a PSP 3000. I also bought a replacement shell, new SD storage, and a new battery for the IPod. It was more than I should have spent, and I may have been high when I bought them, but they are so cool so I will keep them and post updates for fun. I'm still waiting for the new battery but it's so convenient to just have something dedicated to music. I'm all for not using my stupid fucking phone and ending up on some stupid fucking app when I meant to just put music on to read. and it's just nice to have. I will start working on the PSP one day but I'll have to do one project at a time >:^D If anyone actually reads this please give me some recs to put on here I've got like 230+ GB on this bitch!!!

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