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abt me!! :D

haiii!!!!! welcome to my kool place!!

my name is rafa or mado, i am 14 years old, i have tons of interests that i am too lazy to share w u rn, so let's move on!!!

i am a gender fluid aroace lesbian, i also use labels like xenogenders and stuff, but i do not like to share them :p

i can be weird most of the times, and say nonsense all the time, but don't worry, most of them are not to take them seriously, i am not the mental ill girl you could meet in tumblr, infact, i am her younger cousin whose is fascinated with her weird personality and unswag vibes.

i am brazilian, a very proud brazilian, a very proud vascaina, vasco da gama campeão no meu coração. 

i will update this l8r

stay away from me if possible!!!:
  people who romanticize serious mental illness and
 serious historic events, please, you're just being
 corny and stupid, fuck you!!!!

mado spin!!!!!!!!!

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nn sabia que vc era br :D, sou br tbm

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nao sabia que tinha br aqui, que role aleatorio meudeus 0o0

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as vezes quando acho uns maluco brasileiro eu adiciono eles mas a maioria nunca aceita meus request

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