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Kicked out of mall - Banana Man Shunned

So I was at the mall with my good pals, and we decided it was time to unveil a new superhero to the masses. I donned the mask of Banana Man and started to patrol the mall. After the smell of latex started to get to me, I passed the torch of justice to my other friend. About 15 minutes later, I saw a janitor say something into her walkie talkie while looking at us. 

About 10 minutes after that, a security guard confronted us and said we had to take off the mask. I asked him why we had to, and he said that we were "scaring customers" and "had gotten multiple complaints". The world will learn that we need heroes like Banana Man, and everyone will rue the day they shunned us!

Banana man shortly before the incident

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Truly one day they’ll understand the justice of Banana Man

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It's a fucking travesty

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