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practical effects

I love love love love LOVE!! practical effects especially when it comes to horror movies! After rewatching one of my favorite movies 'A cabin in the woods', I decided to talk about this. One of the reasons it is my favorite movie is because of its amazing use of practical effects and SFX makeup and the artistic process of creating these effects, and As an artist myself I envy the artistic freedom and creativity a lot of these SFX artists have to create such horrifyingly beautiful pieces. Another great example of practical effects is from another one of my favorite movies, Jim Henson's 1986 'Labyrinth'. Every single creature in the movie is a puppet of some sort and it just makes me love the movie even more. I've never known what kind of career path I would take once I got older. I still don't know what I'm going to be, but if I can't be someone who does body modification procedures, I would totally want to be a SFX artist. 

Ive provided links for anyone who is interested!

Inside The Labyrinth Documentary (The Making Of Labyrinth) 1986


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PRACTICAL EFFECTS ARE WHAT MAKE A MOVIE GOOD!!!! I love love LOVE the 1992 Dracula because everything in that movie is practical effects!

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