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i'm high again in attempts to relieve my back pain, so i'm going to take the time to list out an up to date list of my favorite animals and ones i hope to be associated with in the future:

  • apes and monkeys (gibbons and spider monkeys are my favorites)
  • seals (i love baikal and harp seals, i also enjoy sea lions as well)
  • rabbits, bunnies, hares (a spectrum.. hares, 'slim and weird looking' hares are my favorite)
  • horses, although not my favorite when i'm not looking at them from my own view, are ones i do find myself falling back on
  • raccons (always a classic for me)
  • stoats/weasels/general mustelids (very specific very funny)
  • i can't think of more
  • i have recently become very fond of papillons. they're interesting and i think i draw them okay. considering making a new 'fursona' papillion character based off my like of the dog and fashion sense. i started drawing it but my brain isn't working, so maybe i'll do that later. for a sneak peak, here is 'boy soprano': (shaped ears and tail, large beady far apart eyes, wide face, short thin snout, tiny feartures, tiny feets and hand. stylization. might be easy to draw like cheese)

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I went horseback riding once it was rlly cool.

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me as well :) i like it

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