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mini AT:HIKWYSOG ramble

the game's title is way too long to type out in the title but the full name is adventure time: hey ice king! why'd you steal our garbage?

now that thats outta the way ill ramble about this game. i beat both normal and plus difficulty a while ago but man this game is gonna stay with me for a long time. it can get fairly challenging especially in the last ice dungeon stage and the 2 final boss fights (THEYRE AWFUL. MORE ON IT IN A BIT), but other than that i thought it was kinda stretched out more than necessary? not to the extent of pirates of the enchiridion of course, but still a lot of walking back and forth between stages. the boss fights are pretty fun though! the marceline one is especially enjoyable because it has a fully voiced theme that plays during it!! the visuals are all incredible imo, afaik the same guy who worked on the graphics for the gravity falls 3ds game worked on this one and it shows. 

OKAY. THE 2 FINAL BOSS FIGHTS. GOOD LORD. they require an insane amount of planning and memorizing patterns, two things i suck ass at???? the default difficulty is hard enough as it is, but plus difficulty is a whole other level. i swear i spent a whole 3 days trying to beat the final lsp fight. IT WAS HELL!!!!!!! but hey. at least i unlocked the music player which is Just A Button On The Main Menu. aint that a prize

i might do a more in depth review of the game when i have time for it. i NEED you to see with your eyes how hard it gets. for now please listen to the credits theme it makes me cry and sob so hard forever. thank you Finale: Refusing to Refuse [credits theme]

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