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touhou music!!!!!!!

ghrrr i can feel a mini touhou hyperfixation forming again...grhrhrhhh....[werewolf image]

i loveloveloveloveloveloveloveloveeeeeee touhou music sooooo much its so so so so sooooo good i think about it every single day...

heres a few of my faves....

wait hello
apparently i can insert videos in blog entries!? awesome. anyways heres more
if youre on the internet a lot, youve probably heard U.N. Owen Was Her? in a video before...such a great song
and heres the one that's played on literally everything including being hijacked onto a russian military frequency, bad apple!!

this isnt the original song however. this is a remix made in 2007 by Alstroemeria Records on Nico Nico Douga. in 2008, users tried to create a storyboard for the eventual iconic music video. it was settled that it would be shadow art featuring every character from Touhou 5, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (the first touhou game to be on windows) to Touhou 10.5, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. the official music video came into existence in 2009, and thus spawned an endless era of people playing the music video in all kinds of forms. from a stop motion video that was featured on CNN, to it being recreated entirely out of firefox browser tabs.
the original bad apple that started it all....
aand here's some more of my favorites(all of these are remixes or covers):
im also sure some of you might have heard Night of Nights (a remix of sakuya's theme, Flowering Nights). maybe even Marisa Stole the Precious Thing or Chirumiru! i hope i introduced some people to the wonderful world of touhou music...it will forever have my heart <3

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Have you ever listened to ZUN's music CDs? Dolls in Pseudo Paradise is my favorite, it was made a little after Embodiment of Scarlet Devil so the songs from the CD and game sound very similar

There's also a game series called Seihou. ZUN made the music for the first few games.

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i dont think i have! ill be sure to check them out

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