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current adventure time comic collection!

not sure if i should set the category as books or tv lol. anyway! if there is one thing i like more than talking about adventure time its showing off my collection!! you can really get to spend a lot of money on something if youre obsessed with it enough. (apologies in advance for the low quality pics, theyre all discord links ;_;) (also it might take a bit for the pics to load on slower connections, give it a minute)

i currently own the physical prints of issues #5 and #30 to #35, all graded fine and very fine (except #5 lol, i got it at a con)! #35 has a misprint (double cover) which isnt as rare as i thought but still fun to own (:

heres the graphic novels / standalone stories i have! fionna & cake, marceline & the scream queens (both hardcover mathematical editions!!!), bmo bonanza, banana guard academy and the first issue of the adventure time guest comics/sugary shorts! none are graded (yet) but theyre all in very good condition!!

and last but not least and also my most prized possession, the enchiridion and marcy's super secret scrapbook! arguably the best adventure time merch ever (at least to me), i read it every other day because its such an incredible insight into the show's lore post-stakes, i get excited just talking about it!! also in very good condition, hard to keep it that way since its so heavy lol

thats all of them for now!! my current goal is to get all 75 issues of the main kaboom line, and i hunt the graphic novels i can find (especially seeking out season 11 and princess & princess). ive read all the adventure time comics online but collecting the physical copies is so much fun. i might do reviews for some of my favorites if i feel like it some time! 

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THIS IS SO COOL??? i used to own so many comics when i was younger, so jealous!!! 3

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